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The answer IS NOT:

just exercise more and eat chicken and broccoli...

"I didn't know it was possible to actually eat and lose weight. I thought I was going to be stuck with shakes for meals if I wanted change. I didn't think peanut butter would ever be allowed in my house again let alone be able to eat it daily if I want to."

-Limitlyss Wellness Client

Chances are, diet culture has seriously influenced you and your perspective on how to lose weight in one way, shape, or form.

We're here to tell you that you don't need to cut all your carbs, cut out your favorite foods, exercise insanely for 2 hours a day, etc. to reach your weight loss goals.

In fact, in order to lose weight while finding a plan that is sustainable and maintainable for your lifestyle long-term is what we specialize in. And it's helped HUNDREDS of clients lose weight and KEEP IT OFF.

We not only teach you how to still eat your favorite foods while losing weight, we focus on supporting the root cause of some of the weight challenges that are more mental and spiritual than you may realize.

Our methods go against typical diet culture beliefs to help you gain true food freedom, learn how to eat intuitively, and stop obsessing over everything you're putting in your mouth.

"We all deal with the stresses that impact our lives differently.

Mine was food.

I knew about losing weight - I'd lost 30 pounds twice before, and here I was again, facing those same 30+ pounds.

Loving friends who value health and well-being connected me with Limitlyss Wellness. What a difference the program makes!

I learned not only about nutrition but about dealing with the emotional and spiritual components that make up our overall good health. I even looked forward to the homework as a chance for self-reflection and deeper understanding of my relationship with food.

Fast forward to today,

I am down 50 pounds - by learning about what I was eating and walking 30 minutes a day!

-Limitlyss Wellness Client

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